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Bryant University Mission Statement

Bryant University’s mission is to educate and inspire students to discover their passion and become innovative leaders with character around the world.

Bryant University Athletics Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Department of Athletics & Recreation fully embraces and supports the mission of the University and is committed to providing a competitive, diverse, gender equitable sports program that operates within the rules and regulations of Bryant University, the America East Conference, the Big South Conference, the Southland Conference, the East Coast Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. 

Department of Athletics personnel and student-athletes shall act with honesty and sportsmanship at all times representing the honor and dignity of fair play and universally recognized high standards associated with wholesome competitive sports.

The intercollegiate athletics program is dedicated to winning and the belief that athletic participation promotes winning the right way through the development of sportsmanship, good character, and a strong work ethic. 

The overall physical and mental well-being of student-athletes is a top priority of the department of athletics. University spirit and community pride will be developed through a successful athletics program.  

Statement of Athletics Philosophy

The intercollegiate athletic program shares with other programs on campus, the responsibility to contribute positively to the development of each individual student.  Athletics and sport are valuable and worthwhile components of the interdisciplinary nature of each individual’s total education.  Sport and Athletics embody the intrinsic values and goals of the University itself, through the striving towards excellence, character, integrity, and teamwork.  Bryant athletics seeks to fully develop and promote the physical, emotional and social welfare of our student-athletes, including gender, ethnic diversity, and sexual orientation related issues.