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Bryant University Strength & Conditioning

Mission Statement

Bryant University’s Strength and Conditioning Program strives to improve athletes’ strength, speed, power, mobility and conditioning while reducing injury.  We provide an environment that pushes an athlete to work hard in a biomechanically sound manner and be accountable to themselves and their sport. 

Multi-joint ground based movements, as well as many different techniques, are used to improve the overall athleticism of an athlete. These movements increase an athlete’s ability to produce force.  A systematic progressive approach and sound techniques are used to develop individualized training for the various sports and athletes at Bryant University.

Student athletes are encouraged to concentrate on all aspects of well-rounded training to include: 

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Nutrition
  • Regeneration

Below are the expectations of a student athlete:

  1. Safety
    1. Only train when a strength coach is present
    2. Perform reps in a biomechanically sound way
    3. Having spotters when necessary
  2. Accountability
    1. Be on-time
    2. Train with a partner
    3. Wear issued gear
    4. Treat yourself and others with respect
    5. Be consistent
  3. Mental
    1. Challenge yourself to improve with weight and technique
    2. Get the most out of everyday and every rep that is performed





Name Title Phone Fax Email
Brandon Beach Title: Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performance Phone: 401-232-6000 ex 20454 Fax: Email:
Mark Madigan Title: Assistant Director of Sports Performance Phone: Fax: Email:
Mike Faria Title: Assistant Sports Performance Coach Phone: Fax: Email:
Harrison Zambarano Title: Sports Performance Assistant Phone: Fax: Email:
Austin Vaughan Title: Sports Performance Assistant Phone: Fax: Email:
Kacee Hooker Title: Sports Performance Graduate Assistant Phone: Fax: Email: