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Intramural Sign Up Instructions


Instructions for Players

  • Click the 'Account' button on the top right of the Home screen
  • Complete the Personal Info tab
  • Read and digitally sign the Waiver on the IM Requirements tab

Once done, you will be able to create teams, be added to teams by team captains, and register for individual events.


Instructions for Captains (To Create Teams)

  • Select the Sport and Event in which you'd like to participate
  • Click the 'Register Your Entry' button
  • Enter a team name and click 'Create'
  • Click the 'Add by email' button to add members to your team
  • Enter an email address of the person you want to add to the team
    • If they have completed their account info, an 'Add' button will be present. Click 'Add' to put them on the team.
    • If they have not completed their account info, click 'Invite'. This will send them a link to complete their account info.

They will need to be added to the team later once they have completed their account info.